About Us

Khula Manch is a platform to discuss critical, sensitive, controversial issues people can’t discuss otherwise.

What is Khula Manch?
Khula Manch is a platform for all and a platform for everything. You may call it a platform to discuss critical, sensitive, controversial issues people can’t discuss otherwise. Under Khula Manch we do various activities based on the burning issues that need your immediate attention. It originated with an idea of making paid workshops available for free to people who cannot afford such workshops. But over a period of time it has evolved to work towards bringing issues out in public, making ourselves more informed and equipped with information to make right choices in our lives. Unfortunately we have become very busy in the fast city life with very little or no time to pause and look at what’s happening around us. This is an attempt to make you pause and realize where we are headed.

What do we do at Khula Manch?
We are doing a lot of things at Khula Manch :p
We screen documentaries/short movies on various issues and aspects of life. We try to get someone from the documentary team if possible, else experts from relevant fields to conduct a discussion post screening to give us a direction and possible next steps we can adopt to bring some change.
We conduct talks/interactions with experts from various fields who have spent a significant amount of time working on issues or for a cause.
We conduct various workshops to make you familiar with certain subjects, best way to get some hands-on experience.
We also conduct Books Exchange Mela with every event. You can pick any of the available books and put one of your books in the Book Bank, which will be available with others to exchange. You keep the mela alive.

How do we work?
We are not for profit organization and organizing these events require some expenditure for logistics. We believe on gift culture and that way we manage to keep our expenditures to the minimum. All the events we organize are pay it forward. We do not charge you for any of our events. However if you want us to continue doing this, it will be really nice if you can pay for the next event, just like how someone else paid for the event you would attend.

How do I get involved?
This is a community initiative; anyone can conduct these activities by making the required arrangements. As long as you don’t charge for the events and adhere to our ideology it’s all good. Please write to us at khulamanch.org@gmail.com if you would like to conduct an event and we can discuss how it can be taken forward.