Expense Sheet

We have always tried to keep the expenses minimum to keep all screenings and talks open and public with no entrance fee and we want to continue this way. We have to pay for screening rights and we are managing as much possible with collaboration with other organisations. We need continuous support to do this. One of the biggest expense we did is to buy a projector so that we stop paying for projector rental. It has costed us 97,000/- to get this projector. We hope that this will enable us to do screenings more frequently. More about the projector – here.

Below is the detail of our expenditures and donations.

We have been working in pay it forward mode (giftism) whereby someone has paid for your screenings and you could choose to pay for the people in future. This way we have been able to function smoothly so far and hope to continue the same way. This inspired by the following talk –

“Designing For Generosity” by Nipun Mehta