Films on Food And Health

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We have seen some of these films and they are extremely powerful. We know at least a dozen people in our circles alone who have changed their lifestyles after watching some of these movies. But it is sad that these wonderful efforts are not paid for. The screening rights of some of these movies are really high. We have figured a package that enables us to buy this films at a reasonable price and we are now in the need to raise the funds quickly for the same.

16 Documentaries on Food & Health

Need $657 for purchasing Screening Rights

To Fund The Screenings

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Our current expense sheet is still about 20K negative.

But we plan to get the films considering what their impact has been like. If you wish to support us in this endeavor please do ping us at Khula Manch <>. We are currently in the process of registering the org. Meanwhile we are using a friends account to buy the DVDs from the US as the offer is only till the end of this month.

We like to continue in pay it forward mode but due to the time constraint we are trying to raise funds this time. Hoping to see your continued support.

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