[Workshop] Peas Vs Pills by Dr Nandita Shah – A rare opportunity to transform your life!

Hi all,
For those who liked the talk of Dr Nandita Shah screened at KhulaManch here is a chance to attend a live workshop and ask her any questions you may have. This her last visit to Bangalore. She may not come back for another year due to her tight schedule.
If you haven't been to the screening of her talk, you could check this brief interview at Chai With Lakshmi –

There are two workshops – one is Peas vs Pills and the other on Reversing Diabetes. We found it worth circulating it here.

For those keen on seeing more of her talks, we recommend her talk at Google –

Part 1 – 
Part 2 – 

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Peas vs Pills, Bangalore

For Whom

  • People looking to experience their highest health potential. Parents of children who are suffering from lifestyle diseases.

  • For adults, children over 12, families.

  • Doctors, nutritionists and dieticians who are interested in helping their patients reach their highest health potential.

Did you know that…

  • Today our children too are victims of the epidemic of diabetes, obesity, hypothyroid, polycystic ovarian disease, hypertension – chronic diseases which can be reversed?

  • We can increase our IQ levels, get better grades in school or do better at work just by eating the right foods?

  • Medicines, a poor substitute for healthy eating, are frequently prescribed in place of good dietary advice?

  • Contrary to the belief that more protein is good for us, we have an epidemic of diseases linked to excess protein intake.

  • Foods that have a long shelf life don’t necessarily improve our own shelf life.

  • Our health destiny can be in our own hands.

What you will receive

  • Eye opening information on nutrition to help you choose the right foods and change habits.

  • A booklet packed with all the important notes and information you will need to continue on your path to health.

  • Healthy gourmet dinner.

  • An insight into a new healthy life

Watch a short film on Peas vs Pills to find out about the basics of eating right and its effect on your health.

The Presenter


Dr. Nandita Shah is the founder of SHARAN with 30+ years experience as a homeopathic doctor. She believes each of us can be our own best doctor most of the time. She founded SHARAN in 2005 to guide people about how food can be their best medicine. For the past 7 years, she has presented seminars in India, and around the world to over 5000 participants inspiring others to make dietary and lifestyle changes resulting in positive health.

She also conducts specific health workshops about Reversing Diabetes and Reversing Heart Disease and Hypertension as well as corporate workshops, cooking classes and residential programs including a 21-day disease reversal holiday.

Fees* (Rs): 2500/- per person, 4000/- per couple, 8000/- for family of 3-4, 9000/- for 4 friends, Rs. 1500 for repeaters (those who have done our 1 day Seminars – Peas vs Pills, Reversing Diabetes or Reversing Heart Disease and Hypertension

(Please note: Fees includes the cost of dinner & course materials.)

Early bird discount of Rs. 500/- per person on all registrations done on or before 25th November.

For registration, click here or please call – Gouri 08879385913 or Rani 09167150447 Or Email: seminars@sharan-india.org with names and email addresses and phone numbers of all participants wishing to join.

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